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With Hong Kong being one of the leading two financial hubs in Asia, coupled with the rapidity of globalization, corporations and organizations are growing at an alarming rate. It is not a rarity where the number of employees within a company can sky rocket over a short period of time. Not only that, these corporations now comprised of employees of varying nationalities. With this phenomena at hand, the necessity for team building and super fun group activities has become one of paramount importance. It is quintessential that these employees get to know one another out of the work place in order for better team chemistry and camaraderie through outdoor team bonding or indoor team building training workshops. Therefore, this blog post seeks to bring into light, five of (not in any particular order) HK, Hong Kong’s most sought after and popular group team building activities and team building games!



Ever been to a concert where you are captivated by the enchanting music played by the band on stage? Ever had a childhood dream where you had a chance to sing and perform your favorite Beyond hit? TEAM MUSIC is the place to be at. Be amazed by this latest corporate event idea. Get ready to be stunned by TEAM MUSIC signature program – BANDINC®. Bring your team down, and have experienced musicians coaching your team to play music in a band! When I say band, it definitely means the full package, one which includes drums, guitars, percussion, keyboards, ukeleles, bass guitars and of course the singers. By the end of each session, your team would be able to perform 2 popular hits which you regularly hear on the radio! Sounds challenging? Fret not! Each session will consist of breaking your team into smaller groups which will then be attentively attended to by one facilitator whose task is to teach this group how to play a specific instrument. Thereafter, these small groups will come together and play together as band, and that is when the magic happens! Team Music is definitely a place to be at if you want to show your team, that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Team Music hinges on 3 values: Clarity, Collaboration and Commitment, all of which are cornerstones of a good team. Team Music was recently awarded Top 10 Team Building Company by Human Resources Magazine

Stand Out Features:

  1. Customizable size ranging from 10 to 350 participants and at the same time ensuring everyone is engaged at all times.
  2. Do not worry if you have no prior musical experience, that is the whole point of the session: to achieve what you deemed as impossible!
  3. Team Music had already hosted over 200 companies and 9000 participants.
  4. Instruments will be provided, so all you need to bring is yourselves!

More information can be found here: https://www.teammusic.com.hk


 It is time to indeed bring your team out and work them hard…but in a fun way! BOUNCE INC is an indoor team building platform in Hong Kong. The team bonding activities done by BOUNCE INC are done in a play area full of professionally equipped trampoline (do not worry, they wont break!) You would be surprised how many people had actually not tried jumping on trampolines before and yes it sure looks like one amazingly fun activity. Furthermore, this place is not simply filled with trampolines, but one equipped with professionals to guide you around the trampoline centered games; one example would be how the team can split up and engage in a friendly competition of dodge ball while bouncing on the trampoline!

Stand Out features:

  1. Function room for hire if there is a need for a briefing/meeting. In addition, there are also breakout rooms where smaller teams can gather.
  2. Do not fret if you have a big team, This event is catered for a minimum of 10 people.
  3. A dedicated host will be attached to your team always, hence teaching you guys the proper technique and safety requirements.
  4. Each participant will get a free BOUNCE grip sock and a free drink!
  5. Catering is offered as a additional Hire.


 Hearing the name of this company is already enough to tantalize the adventurous side of me! Lost Hong Kong hinges on the usage of numerous reality escape rooms. These are rooms where you and your team are lock inside pre set scenario rooms! The team will then have to proceed to find clues, solve puzzles and execute mysterious actions in order to escape out of the room under a time limit of 45 to 90 minutes! This whole process will definitely enhance communication and cooperation within the team. Therefore, this is definitely an ideal option for team bonding in Hong Kong.

 Stand out Features:

  1. Lost Hong Kong can provide you with a tailor made escape game at your chosen venue. So if you guys plan to have a BBQ, and are looking for a outdoor team building activity, Lost Hong Kong could be one of your choices!
  2. There are varying rooms, set with a different theme, each having a different difficulty level.
  3. No minimum size of group. Maximum occupancy would be 65 people.
  4. Realistic ambeince and sound in the rooms to give participants a well rounded experience. 


It is pretty obvious from the name, and you probably have guessed it right; Kitchen Dynamic is about whipping up a full set meal in a team! Imagine the sight where you and your colleagues are dressed in aprons and all ready to cook together. That is definitely a sight to remember. Messy as it can get, the experience one can take away from this team building activity is definitely invaluable. Look past the fun, Kitchen Dynamic emphasizes on commitment and believing in oneself. Having no prior experience in the kitchen would not be a problem as experienced trainers will be attached to your team at all times! So just let loose, and have a time of your life!

 Stand Out Features:

  1. There is an option for a half day or full day course.
  2. There are 8 different programs for selection.
  3. These programs can be held in English, Mandarin or Cantonese
  4. Different cuisines!
  5. Additional activities: Mixing your own cocktails and rolling your own cigarette

5. Treasure Island Group: Corporate Adventures

Wanting to bring your team closer to nature and at the same time sweating it out? Treause Island is the place to be at. Treasure Island provides various programs which revolves around high intensity thrills and adventures! Rock climbing, raft building and canoeing are a few of the many activities available for your team to be engaged in. Not to worry about the safety precautions as there would be professionals attached to your team. This would be a team building activity which will indeed push your team to their physical and mental limits and hence in turn building the team’s character, nurturing in them a sense of perseverance, risk taking and communication. It is without doubt that the participants may wake up to body aches the next morning, but this grueling experience would indeed be and unforgettable one as it sows the seeds for stronger bonds and tighter friendships. Treasure Island also boast of their indoor team building activities which can be seen via the website below.

Stand out features:

  1. A vast array of program choices, each program consisting of different types of outdoor activities.
  2. Staff members are recruited internationlly and therefore are can cater to English, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking groups.
  3. Addition programs such as having a company meeting by the beach and having an amazing race around Hong Kong.
  4. Tailored and customized team building activities
  5. You can have a private campsite as well!